Device not detected?
  • 1. If iTunes is not installed:
    Install iTunes and then retry with iClover.
    iTunes Official Download Link:
    2. If iTunes is already installed: Check if the device is correctly connected with the PC (device is charging and you can see “XXX’s iPhone” or “Apple iPhone” as a Digital Camera. 
    If the device is not detected by the PC, it’s probably a issue with drivers. Right click “My Computer”, then go to “Manage” > “Device Manager”, unfold “Universal Serial Bus controllers” and check if any exclamation mark showing.
    If yes, please refer to Apple official support

    3. If all normal, check the following

    [iTunes can not recognize device] 

    Step1, Make sure Apple Mobile Device service is started |
    ***For Windows XP 
    1, Go to “Start” - “Control Penal” - “Manage” - “Services” 
    2, Find Apple Mobile Device and make sure it is started. Run iTunes and iClover, reconnect the device to retry.


    ***For Windows Vista or Windows 7 
    1, Right click “My Computer”, then go to “Manage” > “Services and Applications” > “Services” 
    2, Find Apple Mobile Device and make sure it is started. Run iTunes and iClover, reconnect the device to retry.   Step 2,If Apple Mobile Device is already started, remove all apple applications and re-install iTunes . Run iClover and reconnect device to retry.  

    To remove Apple Applications 

    [iTunes can recognize device but iClover can not] 

    1. Make sure the latest version of iClover is installed. If not, please update it and retry. 
    2. If device is still not recognized by iClover, copy ASL.dll, libxml2.dll, SQLite3.dll and zlib1.dll, C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Apple Application Support(32bit) or C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Apple\Apple Application Support(64bit), to iClover’s installation directory. (Right click iClover shortcut and click “Properties”, find the directory showing as “Start in:”)


    3. If device is still not recognized, copy all *.dll files under C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Apple Application Support to iClover’s installation directory. Restart iClover and connect the device to retry.

    Apple official support:

    437 x 588 - 54K

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